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Jamestown History Noun Game



Overview: Students will review their knowledge of Jamestown by interacting with primary source artifacts and connecting them to corresponding places and people; hence the name: Jamestown Noun.  Students must connect the artifact, place and/or people cards with facts and stories that show a level of understanding of the events and historical reality of life in the Jamestown settlement.



Collect the most sets of cards by offering a justifiable and historically accurate explanation of how they connect.  Three cards make a set of cards.


ExoTrex – Scientific Adventure Game

The human race is on the brink of extinction and it’s up to YOU to find a new, habitable planet. Use the revolutionary B.E.A.K.E.R. (Basic Element Analysis Kinetic Energy Reactor) fuel cell developed by universe- renowned scientist Dr. Gerald Burke to evaluate exoplanets and find humanity a new home. However, the adventure will require your best chemistry and critical thinking skills. Are you up to the challenge? Then, go play ExoTrex today!

Build Skills in chemistry, planetary science, math, and more

Puzzles and problem-solving exercises empower students in grades 8-10 to engage in active thinking and deeper learning as they build college and career readiness across STEM content areas
• Physical Sciences • Planetary Sciences • Mathematics
• Literacy • Analytical Thinking • Problem Solving

ExoTrex is Standards Aligned

Next Generation Science Standards (Physical and Planetary Sciences Grades 8-10); Common Core State Standards, Literacy (Science and Technical Subjects Grades 8-10)

Platform: Web-based game supported on all browsers.  Will not support most Chromebooks

If you want more, try out Episode 2 of ExoTrex.


Excavate! MesoAmerica Education Game

Welcome to the shop site for Excavate! MesoAmerica, our ancient MesoAmerica education game. As part of the world history and social studies series Excavate!, this game focuses on aspects of ancient MesoAmerican civilizations including the Maya, Inca, and Aztecs. Purchase this product for online (HTML 5), for iOS (Apple App Store), or for Android (Google Play and Amazon).  For a full description of the game, including reviews, lesson plans and other general information, please visit the Excavate! MesoAmerica product page by following this link.

This game supports game-based learning data collection for educators using the industry standard GBLxAPI format.

If you need the accompanying lesson materials, find the free download links below.

Teacher Guide

Artifact Based Questions

Inquiry Analysis Lesson

Game Description and Education Standards

Please visit the Excavate! MesoAmerica educational game site for for a full description supported C3 and ELA standards. As part of their standards, all Excavate! games feature game play that aligns with these educational standards.

Part of six civilizations in the Excavate! series, the Excavate! MesoAmerica game incorporates the science of archaeology into social studies learning.  For those interested, we offer discount pricing for bundles of 3 or more world history games.

A leader in social studies game-based learning, we at Dig-iT! Games focus our passion on world history games. The Excavate! games help make learning fun for students and teaching easy for teachers.

Classroom Discounts

For purchases of 30 licenses or more, we offer educational discounts.  If you want multiple licenses, please contact us for a quote.

The online version (HTML5 browser) can be purchased from this page.  If preferred, see other app store options below.

Apple App Store (iPad, iPhone)

Android Google Play Store (tablet or phone)

Amazon Appstore (Fire tablets)

The license is per individual. However, it can be installed on multiple devices for same-user use. App Store licenses may be different


ElemenTable: Chemistry Review Game

ElemenTable is a reinforcement game for chemistry science teachers and their students.  Match the right elements to their location on the periodic table.  Through this simple game play, students learn more about chemistry and the structure of each element. It’s a great way to review before a test!

For more science games, try out ExoTrex and ExoTrex 2.

Roman Town™

Ladrone is on the loose!

Explore Pompeii, play games and solve puzzles to track down the master thief.  Gather clues by solving challenging mini-games that push your logic and creative thinking skills to the limit.  You’ll need to use all your expertise to beat Ladrone at her own game.

  • 35 unique, replayable puzzles
  • Investigate clues to track Ladrone
  • Play ancient Roman games
  • Detailed factual information about Roman life
  • Explore Pompeii
  • Free to download

Roman Town meets National Education Standards

UPDATE: A revamped version of Roman Town is coming soon! Look out for the update and then return to Fiona and Charlie and their quest to stop Ladrone!

Mayan Mysteries™

Explore the mysterious world of the ancient Maya!

Put your puzzle skills to the test, gather clues and solve the mystery in this hands-on archaeological adventure.  Explore Maya pyramids, investigate the Mayan calendar, excavate priceless artifacts, and travel back in time to explore Maya cities as you track down the mysterious Ladrone.  Will you be the one to locate the mythical city of Ich’aak, revealed only to those with pure hearts and the knowledge to protect the artifacts, sites and culture of the Maya?  The adventure awaits!

  • Become an archaeologist
  • Investigate clues to solve the mystery
  • Travel back in time and visit 8 real Maya cities
  • 25+ challenging puzzles
  • Beautiful graphics and original music transport you to the Maya world
  • 200+ Maya topics to explore
  • Immersive, interactive learning
  • Standards-based content

This game is now only available for older iOS ipads.  Please check availability at this link.

pdficon_large Download Mayan Mysteries™ Lessons

Mayan Mysteries™ aligns to NCSS and CCSS standards

pdficon_large Download Mayan Mysteries™ Standards

Loot Pursuit: Pompeii™

Looters are stealing ancient Roman artifacts and it’s up to your math skills to stop them! Play Loot Pursuit: Pompeii today! 

Use your math skills to stop the looters and recover the priceless artifacts in this fast-paced journey through Pompeii.  Solve challenging problems, collect authentic Roman artifacts and learn fun facts about Roman life.

  • Math skills practice
  • Detailed factual information for over 75 real Roman artifacts
  • Standards based
  • Beautiful graphics and original music for immersive learning
  • Engaging story
  • Randomized problems encourage repeat play

Aligns to Grades 6 and 7 Common Core Mathematics Standards: Algebraic Thinking, Fractions, Geometry, The Number System, Ratios and Proportions

Get it for iOS on the App Store.

Can U Dig It!™

Collect rare Maya artifacts in this addictive, math-based puzzle game that will have you asking yourself: Can I Dig It?

Put your logic skills to the test to excavate artifacts at exotic ancient sites.  Have you always wanted to be an archaeologist?  Here’s your chance, but be careful: one wrong move and you’ll destroy a priceless artifact!  Math, logic and strategy come together in this unique dig-em-up adventure.  How many artifacts can you collect?  Learn about authentic Maya tools, weapons, jewelry and Maya culture as you work your way through increasingly difficult challenges.   Can U Dig It!™ meets National Education Standards

  • More than 50 unique puzzles
  • Learn about 40+ authentic Maya artifacts
  • 2 play modes for additional challenges
  • Engaging graphics and original music
  • Free to download

pdficon_large Download Can U Dig It!™ Lessons


3 Digits Counting Game

Calculating takes on a whole new meaning in this fast paced counting game!

Everyone knows 1 + 1 = 2. But did you know Dot + Line = 6? Use the ancient Maya’s remarkable number system to translate numbers, but watch out for the timer!

Calculating takes on a whole new meaning in this fast paced counting game!
Everyone knows 1 + 1 = 2. But did you know Dot + Line = 6? Use the ancient Maya’s remarkable number system to translate numbers, but watch out for the timer!

• Fast-paced
• Challenging
• 4 difficulty levels
• Realistic graphics
• Fascinating facts about the ancient Maya built in
• Easy to learn, fun to play

Build math skills and learn the Maya’s unique base 20 number system! Players take their math skills to the next level when they call upon the ancient civilization’s revolutionary numerals—shell, dot, and line—to translate randomly generated numbers in this competitive mental-math challenge. Fascinating facts about the ancient Maya are intertwined with gameplay, making 3 Digits™ an immersive, engaging and cross-curricular learning experience. Players must use their understanding of properties of operations with multi-digit arithmetic, the significance of place-value, and number system bases in this fast-paced challenge. Math has never been so much fun!

pdficon_large Download 3 Digits™ (formerly MayaNumbers™) Lesson Plans and Printables

3 Digits (formerly MayaNumbers) meets National Education Standards