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The wait is over for the arrival of our next puzzle game in the Roterra® series. Roterra 3- Sovereign Twist is now available for pre-order on the Apple App Store for those looking for the next puzzle adventure. With all new puzzles, pick-up and play design, innovative gameplay and imaginative level design, Roterra 3—A Sovereign Twist will excite loyal fans and new players alike.
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  The Roterra series waslaunched in January 2019, our Roterra – Flip the Fairytale puzzle game gained immediate recognition from Apple, press and players worldwide. The gravity-defying world of paths and cubes creates a puzzling adventure for those ready for a challenge. The game continues to rank in the App Store with a 4.8/5 stars and is also available on Google Play. Later in 2019 we launched the sequel, Roterra Extreme – Great Escape for our puzzle fans looking for more challenges. Explore the game websites below for more info.

Roterra: Flip the Fairy Tale
Roterra Extreme - Great Escape

“Best game I’ve played in iOS for a while” “Addictive” “Sensational” “Feels like a mashup of Monument Valley & Lara Croft Go”-AppStore reviews

Archaeology and Games

Have you experienced the wonders of bringing archaeology into your world history social studies classroom?  DiG-iT! Games is a world leader in providing world history educational games that use archaeology to enhance the student experience in learning ancient cultures.  Excavate! is our newest award winning series of games available to educators offering six empires to explore.  Try Excavate! Egypt today, it is always free to play.

Egypt World History and Archaeology Game
Educators - New Excavate! Updates Coming Soon
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DIG-IT! Games is an indie mission-based studio that was founded to bring game-based learning to the classroom and has expanded to develop casual mobile games for consumers. Recognized by the education community as a leader in innovative learning, Dig-It!™ brings meaningful game play to education. If you are ready to explore how to transform your messages and ideas into an interactive game or creative multi-media product for your employees, customers or other stakeholders, we invite you to contact us and let our team show you the path forward.

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House from Excavate! Rome, an example of Dig-iT's educational games

Excavate! Rome – Apply C3 skills in this middle school social studies game that brings ancient Rome to life through archaeology. Piece together the daily life of ancient Rome in this immersive social studies educational game with aspects of Roman daily life not covered in textbooks. Available for Chromebooks, and on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

Dig-iT! does more than educational games with Silk Road

Silk Road Match 3 is an exciting new casual tile-puzzle game. Grab your camel and travel the trade route from Rome to China during the 1st century AC.  Match ancient coins and become a famous trader. Currently available on Facebook, iOS, and Android. Check out the finished Lunar New Year special event and look forward to more special themes.

ExoTrex, educational games that teach STEM

Exotrex 2 is a beautifully rendered, STEM-focused educational game that will challenge and engage your 8th – 10th grade science students. Life on Earth is no longer sustainable and your mission is to find a new home for humanity. Can you solve the chemistry and planetary science challenges to save the world?

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New Mayan Numbers Game. Play Online!

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