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Loot Pursuit: Tulum™

Use all your knowledge of Numbers and Operations in Base Ten to save the priceless artifacts

Loot Pursuit:Tulum™ is a fast-paced game that pits players against scheming thieves in a race to recover ancient artifacts through curriculum-aligned math challenges. Loaded with a random assortment of numerical and word-based math problems designed for middle school students, Loot Pursuit:Tulum™ turns players into defenders of history and culture!

  • Math skills practice
  • Detailed factual information for over 40 authentic Maya artifacts
  • Standards based
  • Beautiful graphics and original music for immersive learning
  • Randomized problems encourage repeat play

Loot Pursuit: Tulum™ meets National Education Standards

Maya Quiz™

Impress random strangers at cocktail parties with your erudite knowledge of:

Maya History
Central American Geography
Maya Daily Life

Maya Quiz™ features more than 100 factual, randomized trivia questions about Maya archaeology, history, and culture.

All content is 100% historically accurate
The best Maya quiz app around!!

Maya Quiz™ is a complement to Mayan Mysteries™

Maya Quiz™ meets National Education Standards 


Artifact Snatch™

Snatch the artifacts before time runs out!

Try your hand at this fast-paced card game and learn about Roman life.  You have 90 seconds to snatch as many artifacts as you can.  Easy to learn but hard to master, Artifact Snatch™ is the fun way to learn Roman history!

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Beautiful, realistic graphics
  • Detailed factual information for over 75 real Roman artifacts
  • Post scores on Game Center–can you beat Fiona?
  • Free to play    

 Artifact Snatch™ meets National Education Standards