Happy Friday! It’s a holiday weekend—the last one before school’s out for summer—and we’re so excited to share with you a little bit of what’s happening here at Dig-It! Games. First, our intern Bo (you may have noticed his icon in the credits of Roman Town and 3 Digits) has finished up his semester with us. It’s been fantastic to have him with us, sharing his talents with the team! Second, we’re getting ready to head to Content in Context from June 1-3, where Mayan Mysteries is up for a REVERE award. Plus, our team is already hard at work on our next project (hint: science) and planning for Summer Learning Day in June.

Bo Team

If you’re looking for fun this weekend, check out our newest app 3 Digits—here’s 3 reasons why:

  • Players can adjust the game for their individual difficulty level.

When it comes to math, second graders are just starting on their multiplication journey while eighth graders have mastered mental math skills and are beginning to wrestle with algebra. With 3 Digits, students must translate numbers into Maya glyphs using skills like addition and multiplication. The higher the number, the more difficult the translation.

For younger players—or players just getting started—the easiest level only goes up to the number 19. For more experienced players—or those looking for a challenge—the most difficult level introduces numbers up to 150,000. How high can you translate?


  • Discover artifacts of the ancient Maya culture as you go.

3 Digits isn’t just asking players to think differently about math; the game also encourages exploration of the Maya culture. As players earn points and complete levels, they unlock different artifacts found in archaeological sites like Tulum (where our first Loot Pursuit series game is set) and can learn more about each item. The more problems players solve, the more their collection grows!


  • Teachers can easily implement 3 Digits as a classroom resource.

Whether students are learning about the Maya or reviewing multiplication skills before an exam, 3 Digits allows players of all ages to consider math differently. Because the Maya used a base 20 number system, 3 Digits encourages kids to think outside the box, problem solve, and grow their mathematics skills. It can be played for just a few minutes, or can be practiced for a longer period of time—it’s perfect for a brain break or use in a center rotation model.

So take out your iPad, visit the App Store, and download 3 Digits for free today!