Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology is one of the many branches of psychology. It primarily focuses on educational, social and career adjustment problems. To be specific, it deals with different situational problems that people from various social fields suffer from. It is different from clinical psychology, because clinical psychology deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. It is not the psychological disorders that counseling psychology deals with, rather it helps people get over their mental pressure regarding different social ups and downs.

Counseling psychology dissertations

University final year students studying in psychology have to submit a dissertation in order to complete their degree. Choosing a right and worthy topic is very necessary to even get the permission from the supervisor to work on it. So, there are some steps needed to be followed to choose a strong topic for dissertation.

Previous students’ dissertations might be a great help to start with. This gives an idea about the format of a dissertation, what is required and how it should be done.

Looking for someone’s own interest is a great step. There must have been some questions that one student builds in mind throughout his/her time in university. A dissertation may be one’s best work in his/her life. So, it should be in a way that answers all questions in mind through someone’s own research.

It should be made sure that the topic is related to the area of counseling and not related to psychology. This is because if one shift from counseling to psychology, it would go out of the context ending in psychological realism.

There should be one single problem or topic selected that can be used as the title. It is to be made sure that no more than one question is asked as it would prove hesitation of the student.

Here are 11 example topics listed below:

Do belief, awareness and emotions affect pain?

Melancholy symptoms and tendency of crime among gay teenagers.

Counseling session experiences of transgender people.

Impact of abortion on the women who performed abortion deliberately.

Impact of Ritalin among middle aged patients.

Effect of play therapy among traumatized children.

Perception of training experience among ethnic minority.

Does the therapeutic relationship signify power discrimination?

The extent to which objective methods of measurement can support theoretical approaches to consciousness.

The interpersonal and mental health implications of the coherence of coming out narratives for a sample of gay men in committed romantic relationships.

The experience of being financially dependent as a counseling psychology trainee.

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