Social Studies Lesson Plan – Byzantine Empire

This free Inquiry-Based Analysis Lesson ( D-I-E ) is an supporting lesson plan for our Excavate! Byzantine Empire civilization history game for social studies educators – Activate student interest before playing Excavate! Byzantine by inviting students to describe artifacts and hypothesize their use in the Byzantine Empire.  Use the D-I-E lessons to record observations during game-play and to check their hypotheses for accuracy.  It is a fun way to prepare and engage with content while playing Excavate! Byzantine. (Answer sheet included)

There are four lesson plans including Hagia Sophia, Oikos, Imperial Palace, and the Augustaion which are the four sites students as archaeologists explore in the Excavate! Byzantine digital world history game.

These materials are designed for middle school and high school educators.  The educational game was designed for social studies classrooms for grade 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Free Social Studies Lessons

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Dig-iT! Games is a thought leader in bringing archaeology into the classroom with games.  Our Excavate! series of games builds upon the award-winning Mayan Mysteries game delivering world history civilizations to the middle school classroom.