As an educational gaming company, our goal is to help kids learn—and to help them discover a love of learning. We know that every child is different and that what works for one child to learn may not work for another. Sometimes barriers get in the way; a number of factors—from learning disabilities to struggles outside of school—can influence how a child performs in the classroom. We strive to incorporate features within our games that encourage struggling students to persevere and continue playing.

That’s why, when we heard about Dyslexie, a revolutionary font that helps individuals with dyslexia read with ease, we reached out.

Dyslexie ensures that each letter and character has a distinct form, so that it is simple to distinguish individual letters from others. Text often confuses students with dyslexia; letters are jumbled or turned around because of their similarity. Dyslexie simplifies the text and helps readers make far fewer errors than they would while reading a regular text.

With that in mind, we made the conscious effort to remove this barrier for our players. We released 3 Digits ™ last month—the first of our apps designed exclusively with the Dyslexie font. Dig-It! Games™ is committed to using Dyslexie across all new products and will revisit previously developed apps for updates to incorporate the unique font. The use of the Dyslexie font opens up our games to a whole new group of students—and we plan to make learning fun for each one of them.