Catch a Master Thief in This History Game!

There’s a master thief on the loose! Use your logic and creative thinking skills to track her and save history! Catch Ladrone if you can!

This newest iteration of Dig-iT! Games’ highly acclaimed Roman Town game is an exciting learning experience for kids that blends archaeology, history, puzzles and problem solving into a fun immersive adventure game. Explore Pompeii, play games and solve puzzles to track down the master thief, Ladrone.  Gather clues by solving challenging mini-games that push logic and creative thinking skills to the limit. Players need to use all their expertise to beat Ladrone at her own game and save history. Students loved the original and will love the new social studies puzzle game even more!

  • Solve unique, replayable puzzles
  • Investigate clues to track Ladrone
  • Play ancient Roman games
  • Discover detailed factual information about Roman life
  • Explore Pompeii
  • Emphasize problem solving and critical thinking
  • Get immersed in learning
  • Enjoy alignment to National Council for Social Studies and Common Core State Standards for Math and Literacy.

Roman Town 2 features an immersive learning environment that makes it fun and easy to learn and retain information about the ancient culture. Challenging puzzles exercise strategic thinking, spatial reasoning, memory, logic, math skills and more. Great for an in-class or homework activity. Use with Dig-iT! Games’ additional history games (including Excavate! Rome for a complete Roman history lesson).

Parents and Homeschoolers:

Roman Town 2 is a fun, self-contained introduction or reinforcement activity on Roman History. Great for car trips, rainy days, or even that long flight to Italy!