Parents, teachers and students love our new Excavate! world history game series. In this bundle of three games players will have fun finding artifacts and uncovering educational knowledge on what we call the Classics – cultures for Rome, Greece and Egypt? Buying this bundle provides three games for hours of fun and learning. All games are fun for all family members while exploring these ancient cultures.

Learn history in a new way with Excavate! Classics, an immersive social studies collection of games for middle school students! Use Archaeological thinking to apply C3 skills of Inquiry and Evaluation of Evidence to aspects of Roman, Greek, and Egyptian daily life not covered in textbooks. By excavating and analyzing four significant locations in each game. In Rome, see architectural innovations that were used to build private homes, tenement apartments, public baths, and the Colosseum. In Greece, gain a new perspective on the Olympic Games. In Egypt, explore the significance of mummification in the Valley of the Kings. Just a few of the areas of learning player experience playing the games.

“The quality of information and the methodology behind the questions is stronger than any educational game I’ve ever played.” K-12 Director of Technology, MD

Players can explore the sites in any order; progress is recorded in journals that log collected artifacts, field notes and achievements. Throughout the game, players use C3 skills to analyze and make connections. They carefully deduce the facts about each area, stratum by stratum and artifact by artifact. At each location, players make meaning of how artifacts were used through a series of analysis questions and reports that require players to make connections, read closely and consider the historical context of the primary source artifacts. Finally, players see each site come alive as artifacts populate historically accurate images of the life in the three cultures.

• Engage with objects of daily life textbooks never include
• Use archaeological thinking to piece together historical understanding
• See artifacts in context in the ancient world
• Design input from Social Studies teachers
• Historically Accurate, C3 Skills-Based learning
• Free Teacher Guides, Lesson Plans, and Extension Activities
• Track Student Progress

What people are saying about Excavate!

“Excellent illustrations and collection of source material. I could see using this as a resource for a project. Good Collections of terms and other historical objects.” 7th Grade Social Studies, MD

“I LOVED the analysis questions because it assisted the kids in seeing the “big” picture and making connections.” – 5th Grade Social Studies, OH

Excavate! Series:
Built in consultation with social studies teachers, Excavate! uses overarching questions to focus student inquiry as they dig, analyze, report and learn through object-based evaluation. Highly detailed, historically accurate illustrations and artifacts help students make connections and see the “big picture” of ancient history. Interaction with artifacts, including detailed 3D models, allows students to understand what life was really like for people of different social roles. Extensive in-game resources such as comprehensive location and artifact information and an interactive glossary make it easy to extend the learning off the screen. Supporting educator materials, standards information and extension activities help educators seamlessly include Excavate! in any ancient history curriculum. Track student performance using the new GBLxAPI learning data format, which reports student progress against C3 and ELA standards in an easy to read format.

Excavate! is a multi-game world history series that includes old and new world civilizations such as Rome, Greece, Egypt, Maya, Inca, Mesopotamia and Byzantine. Lesson plan materials and additional activities available from our website for free.