Excavate!™ Mesopotamia: An Archaeological Game

Return to the Excavate! adventures in exploration of the ancient Mesopotamian world! Introduce your students to basic archaeology skills and terminology while discovering the culture and government of Mesopotamia.

Learn the archaeological process:

Using the tools archaeologists use, players will uncover real artifacts from ancient Mesopotamia. Through gameplay players learn how to evaluate the proper tool to use and learn about the scientific process of excavation. Players are exposed to concepts such as stratigraphy, context and the importance of proper recording. Analysis takes center stage as players learn about the significance of the artifacts they collect and the processes involved in gaining deeper understanding about ancient people through material culture.

The complicated and interesting history of Mesopotamia.

In this game, students will travel to five different sites throughout the Mesopotamia. They will explore the ancient cities of Ur, Babylon, Nineveh, Nimrud, and Persepolis. Students will uncover and use deductive reasoning to learn about artifacts found in those locations.

This game is one of a series which include ancient Maya and Egypt currently with more cultures coming soon. Ask us about buying the bundle of Excavate! games and watch your students start digging!

Purchases are for a single user on a 1 year subscription license.