Waterfalls from Roterra

Help Princess Angelica find her way back to her castle after her jealous uncle’s betrayal. But be warned! While it might seem benign, the mysterious world of Roterra™ prevents easy navigation. Use all your puzzle solving skills to guide Angelica home in this twisting, turning fairytale.
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Waterfalls in Roterra

Roterra forest environment

Roterra Forest Environment

waterfalls of Roterra

The fairytale adventure Roterra builds its puzzles on a world of manipulable cubes. Through beautifully detailed environments of forests, caves, and castles, players guide characters around obstacles by using the world itself.
Cubes rotate, slide, elevate, and spin, and the world flips on its head. As long as their path is clear, characters possess the ability to walk on all sides of the world. As they go, the world shifts with them as trees, geodes, and candlesticks pop in and out of the ground. 
A game for people who like problem solving and critical thinking, Roterra brings something fresh to the isometric puzzle genre. By throwing out the idea of up and down, the innovative design provides a new challenge for avid puzzlers. Players must try out all six sides of each usable cube, find and use switches and pressure plates, and transport through portals all while keeping track of their goal.
With gravity changing as they go, the whimsically-designed characters make their way around the world in the 360-degree environment. As they continue, players learn more about how the world works and how puzzles can be solved. However, the challenge remains balanced as more mechanics are introduced. The world of Roterra never stops surprising.

waterfalls of Roterra

Roterra cave environment
Roterra cave environment


  • GRAVITY-DEFYING PUZZLES: Challenges on a spinnable, rotatable, turnable, slideable world without a consistent up or down
  • A BALANCED CHALLENGE: Puzzles grow more complicated as the game continues and unique mechanics appear
  • AN UPSIDE-DOWN FAIRY-TALE: The princess takes an active role in her own destiny as the hero of the story
  • WHIMSICAL DESIGN: Colorful characters and three fantastical environments come alive with fun animations and effects
  • A NEW STYLE OF ISOMETRIC PATH-FINDING: Each side of an “island” features many cubes to move and sometimes multiple routes to the goal 

Roterra forest environment

Roterra forest environment

waterfalls of Roterra

As a mission-based company, Dig-It! aims to have a positive impact on education.  By harnessing the power of game-based learning, we believe we can enhance education. Our games promote analytical skill, independent learning, and the joy of intellectual discovery.
When we began Roterra (first under the name Furioso), it marked an expansion of the focus of the company from strictly educational products to include entertainment games. In these new efforts, we take our experience working on interactive educational tools and apply those ideas to crafting challenging puzzles. Just like in our social studies or science games, players learn as they tackle Roterra’s challenges. The mind-bending puzzles demand critical thinking and careful logic from players. Test your abilities with Roterra!

waterfalls of Roterra

Roterra castle environment

Roterra castle puzzle

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