If you’re looking for an app that connects ancient civilizations to the present, Mayan Mysteries is a must-have! Perfect for learning domain-specific vocabulary, geography, and history. Children will be excited and engaged while they explore the Maya culture. Teacher approved!
Educator and Blogger
A fun, engaging way to learn about life in Ancient Rome- and free too! What’s not to like?
Steve Brambury
iPad Educators
I got a copy of Roman Town for my niece who is 10- she liked it and was able to incorporate it in her report on Rome and let her classmates try it. I'm a hit with her and her parents!
G. Lawton
Winnetka, IL
Kaitlyn really, REALLY enjoyed Dig-It! Games so much that we went back and are getting all of the rest of what they offer. She can play the apps on her iPhone, and I know she’s not just killing piggies when she’s working it. 😉 It’s a lot of fun, so Dig-It! Games is definitely one of our top 10!
Homeschool Mom
What truly captivated me is Dig-It! Games. Wow! Behind many great digital learning resources there’s a fascinating origin story, and the one I got from the creator herself is that her career as a field-based archaeologist eventually led to a job as a teacher and that, to the resolve to create her own resources for students. The result is a suite of game-based items, all with archaeology themes and metaphors that seem very exciting and done with passion and dedication. I like what this group has come up with and wish them much luck with this.
Mark Gura
EdTech Digest
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